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Fresh, takeaway authentic Italian dishes for lunch or dinner
Please note that we need a minimum of 2 hours to complete orders. Place orders by 3:00 and pick up by 5:30.

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Daily Specials

Closed Monday MENU FOR THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19, 2022Tortellini Tuesday (September 20) – Cheese Tortellini with Tomato SauceSeptember 21 – L’Orecchietta with Meat SauceSeptember 22 – Spaghetti & MeatballSeptember 23 – Ricotta & Spinach Stuffed Shells with Creamy Tomato SauceOpen 10-4pmClosed
Pre-order your single serving to a family size meal prior to 3pm for pickup by 5:30pm by calling Alfredo’s at 519-491-5500 or order online.
Tri-color Farfalle summer salad with a Vinaigrette

Let Alfredo help you plan your busy day by making available fresh ready to serve Italian pasta entrees.

Hot lunch and dinner entrees are available for immediate take-away to meet your busy schedule. Check out our daily specials below.

Your friends and family do not need to know how easy it was to prepare this gourmet experience.

Remember, pasta for Alfredo was not just an affordable meal, but was also a means of bringing family and friends together. Let’s continue the tradition.